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Same-sex couples starting a family with the
help of donor eggs, donor sperm or surrogacy

Our Rainbow Family - It takes Love to have a Baby

SKU: 978-3-9505382-3-6
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  • The author uses clear and simple language to describe how babies are conceived either the natural way or with the help of donated eggs and/or sperm. Lovingly designed illustrations and a language suitable for little children help communicate feelings and emotions such as hope, disappointment, joy and gratitude. Parents and children may personalize the books by adding their own photos and pictures, thus turning them into it a long-term companion for both young and old. 

    Target Group

    The book’s target group are children aged between three and six and their homosexual parents. Numerous studies have demonstrated that informing and enlightening children at an early age has a positive impact on both children and parents. The books are intended to encourage parents to openly talk to their child about their heartfelt desire, the special way in which the child came to be and about their great family happiness.   

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