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Mit Herz und Verstand: Mag. Julia Königs psycholgische Begleitung beim Kinderwunsch.

Lernen Sie die Psychologin Mag. Julia König, die sich auf Themen rund um den Kinderwunsch spezialisiert hat, bei einem kostenlosen Anruf kennen:

Kontakt aufnehmen

Vielen Dank!

  • kostenlos

    15 min

  • Available Online

    Kompetente Beratung und Begleitung bei unerfülltem Kinderwunsch

    50 min

    105 Euro
  • Available Online

    Kompetente Paarberatung bei unerfülltem Kinderwunsch

    50 min

    130 Euro
  • Available Online


    30 min

    55 Euro
  • Available Online

    Schriftliche Hilfestellung rund um Kinderwunschfragen

    45 min

    50 Euro
  • Available Online

    Jeden letzten Mittwoch im Monat 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr

    25 Euro

Getting to know each other / Emergency Appointment
15 minutes / free of charge / over the phone

First meeting

​Trust and comfort are a sound basis for successful coaching. I offer you the opportunity to get in touch with me to arrange a free of charge telephone conversation for mutual acquaintance. About 15 minutes are scheduled for this conversation.

Emergency Appointment

​Getting help and support when you really need it most:
For instance, in the case of a pregnancy test coming back negative, bleeding or even spontaneous abortion or miscarriage in the course of the pregnancy.
Once I have received your e-mail with the subject “Emergency Appointment”, we can arrange a free of charge emergency appointment via phone.

Individual Coaching / Couple Counselling
50 minutes / online 

Individual Coaching

An individual coaching session is intended to address your individual questions and concerns.
You often feel like a stranger to yourself? You are often very sad, and you can hardly bear to see other women pushing a pram? The coaching is aimed at helping you to regain your former strength and to learn strategies that will help you better cope with the challenges along the way. The most challenging subjects to be addressed include topics such as: regaining confidence in your own body, the medical treatment, how to deal with the social environment, sex life. The goal is to achieve a healthy balance between mental well-being and medical treatment.

Couple Counselling

There are always two people involved in fertility treatment. However, in most cases, their involvement varies greatly from one partner to the other.
Women need to undergo hormonal therapy which can be very strenuous. Thus, they are highly involved in the process, both physically and with respect to their tight and demanding time schedule during the treatment. Even emotional processing differs strongly between women and men. This may lead to conflicts in the couple relation. Men often feel very helpless. They are unsettled because their partner who used to be strong and optimistic seems to have lost their joy of life. Any well-meaning attempts to cheer them up are most often doomed to failure. Couple counselling may provide you with valuable assistance and help you stick together as a team, so that, finally, you will emerge strengthened from this challenging journey.
Grab yourself strength and confidence along with a great deal of valuable tips!

“Concise” Coaching
30 minutes / online

If you have already had a coaching session, you can arrange a short session to refresh your knowledge and ask your brief and concise questions.
In this case, please choose a 30-minute brief consultation (online).

Counselling by E-mail
40 minutes / in writing

Do you prefer to submit your questions in writing?

Arrange a corresponding appointment and submit your clearly phrased questions and concerns in writing - anonymous and straightforward. Within 48 hours, you will receive a detailed reply to your questions – with the possibility of getting in touch again to clear any remaining questions or vagueness.

Group Discussion
90 minutes / once a month / online

Honest and open exchange of experiences, far away from any forums and chats. Although the issue of unintentional childlessness is affecting many people, it is not a topic for small talk. During the monthly group discussions, you may ask questions and help others with useful tips and information. You may share your current situation with others and, in return, receive valuable hints and suggestions.


“Fulfilled life is possible in spite of unfulfilled wishes.”
  (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

The journey towards the longed-for child might also involve considerable psychological stress.

Practical tools may help you draw on your own strengths to cope with these challenges, always with the aim of regaining your ease and joy of living. 

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